February 25, 2018

Vote Recount will show Trump’s margin of victory will increase !

vote recount

Jill Stein Suing Pennsylvania over charging for the vote recount.

by Mike Dukes editor Daily Ragg and Trumpville Report

An anonymous source is claiming to have associations in the Capitol, individuals in State Government and friends in other high places who are saying. “At the point when the vote recount is over, Trump’s margin of triumph will be more noteworthy.”

Additionally, we are aware of massive voter fraud. We can affirm individuals from out of state voting, non-residents voting, individuals voting numerous times, DNC going to Nursing Homes and urging patients to vote democrat. The rundown of misrepresentation is MASSIVE and with our Republican Governors; Republican State Senate and Assembly and Republican Atty General, voter fraud will all be uncovered in due time. No recount is necessary now. Jill Stien is only interested in recounting 3 states that Trump was not supposed to win in. She also finds it unbelievable that in one of the States 75,000 did not mark the ballot for any presidential candidate. Just left it blank. In the future, we could have a checkbox, that says “no vote” at the bottom of each race. I sometimes do not cast a vote for  local candidates that I feel uninformed enough to vote for.


Gigantic voter Fraud in the 2016 Presidential decision has been revealed in Nevada. Megan Barth from Newsmax said,

“President-elect Donald Trump lost by 27,000 votes statewide in Nevada. So 9,200 false voters in one little Assembly area is more than 1/3 of the aggregate edge that Trump lost by.

Green Party competitor Jill Stein has requested describes in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump in the current year’s race (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania). Her reason for asking for these relates was voter fraud. Be that as it may, there is no sign Stein will ask for a recount in Nevada.”

Just remember Mr. Trump didn’t start this vote recount even though he along with many others suspect the DNC was recruiting illegals, even aided by President Obama. When he was interviewed by an illegal alien, he suggested she vote anyway, nothing would happen to her, and no one would find out anyhow.

I personally think Hillary Clinton amassed as many votes as possible, manufacturing many of them and Donald Trump still schlonged her. I do not believe Hillary got more votes than Donald Trump did and I imagine this will be investigated and will come out sometime during President Trumps time in the White House. We can just add this to the items when Trump Drains the Swamp.

“vote recount”,  by Mike Dukes editor Daily Ragg and Trumpville Report

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