February 25, 2018

Who are the People Who Voted for Trump ?

the people who voted for trump

We understand who the left is, but they don’t know the people who voted for Trump

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

AMERICA U.S.A. — During the entire primary season, the anti-Trump DNC propaganda machine dug for dirty laundry on Mr. Trump to air out in public using their MSM colluders. They scoured high and low, but couldn’t find much. They found out how kind and generous he was. They found the majority of his employees had nothing but praise, respect, and admiration for him, but they found 5 people that wanted their money back for a seminar they paid for. The big progressive purse opened and funded an organized class action lawsuit against Trump University, who sponsored the seminar. Before it got started, one defendant dropped out. Mr. Trump had a long-standing policy, not to settle lawsuits, without going to court.

Later Mr. Trump made the painful decision to settle because of his pending Presidency. I heard it cost him $25 mil. and he did not have to admit any wrongdoing. Is there any doubt Trump was persecuted and railroaded for profit, and to potentially hurt his presidential chances. The DNC can be legitimately blamed for dividing Americans. With MSM, Soros, and other progressive donor agitators as DNC partners. This is an example that their motives had nothing to do with justice. They just wanted the money and found liberal morals to get it. This is what is wrong with America. 

Trump supporters shut MSM out. Many Alternative News sites started up to oppose the MSM propaganda. Our sister site, TrumpvilleReport.com is one such patriotic Alternative Internet News site operating with an all volunteer staff. “We stood toe to toe with the Washington Post and the New York Times, CNN, CSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and their local affiliates, and all the rest, and we won!:, said Dukes, our editor. “If the MSM gets back to reporting news without propagandizing it, some will gladly turn it back over to them. Some will remain to make sure MSM plays by the rules,” he added.

The DNC knew, that we knew, Hillary was corrupt. So, to counter that, the DNC had to make Mr. Trump look guilty of something, anything. Clinton ran her campaign on fear, division, corruption, and the New World Order. So the left needs to blame their own MSM propagandist for causing people to fear Mr. Trump and to keep this Nation divided.

Who are the people who voted for Trump ?

The Left speculates about us, trying to figure out who the people are that voted for Mr. Trump.

We are Traditional  Americans, Constitutionalist Americans, and we are anti-racist, we understand and hate bigotry, our motives are mostly unselfish, we try hard to be law abiding citizens, we try to be kind, and most of us are Christians. We are informed, and try to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are the real hard-rock Americans.


We try to live our lives guided by our beliefs and common sense. We are the real Americans, we are “we the people”. and We Love America. It hurts inside and outside when ungratefuls burn our flag. I hope we do something about that. Some free speech shouldn’t be allowed, just like “yelling Fire: in a theater. The flag should become a prtected symbol. Why not? Burning our flag is an attention getter, that’s it. A selfish action geared to say, Look at me, I’m burning a symbol of our country and what it stands for. 

Stop listening to the MSM. They are still propagandizing. They second guess Trump, then argue their speculation as if it was fact. (nice trick)

While we witness God’s miracle election of Donald Trump, the left is busy stirring up trouble and doubt, second guessing Trump. No amount of propaganda will bring him down. You unbelievers will witness God’s will being done. A powerful message to everyone who chooses to listen that God is alive and well and loves’ you. God is doing this to give you a better life and to spread his word,

I’ve never seen an elected official–especially a President-elect fulfill their promises before the inauguration. This is amazing to watch and furthermore, it is setting an important precedent for future presidents. If Trump succeeds in pulling off even half of what he has proposed, Americans will come to expect it from all our elected officials. We have been brainwashed into believing their excuses. No more. Donald Trump will be the standard to which all others will have to aspire. And it’s about time. Join the people who voted for Trump, to make America Great Again, and welcome onboard.  And Merry Christmas to all.

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

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