February 25, 2018

INSIDER LEAK or Russian Hackers? Russian says, it’s not us!

Russian Hackers

From Russia with Love, it wasn’t us.

Why Russian hacking.RUSSIAN HACKERS? — A New York Times report on Monday alluding to “overwhelming circumstantial evidence” leading the CIA to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin “deployed computer hackers with the goal of tipping the election to Donald J. Trump” is, sadly, evidence-free. This is no surprise, because of harder evidence of a technical nature point to an inside leak, not hacking – by Russians or anyone else.

by Heesa Realist

MOSCOW,, RUSSIA — Hillary Clinton herself first used the “Russian hackers” as a campaign ploy, along with the “Trump is Putin’s puppet” meme around the time of the conventions. It got no traction, as most people thought the notion was ludicrous. Moreover, if the intelligence agencies entertained it seriously they either bungled any investigation or put such an investigation on the back burner for any number of legitimate or nefarious reasons. This assumes that, even if real, the public actually read and paid any mind to the Wikileaks emails. How many of you ever read a single such email? We may have read accounts of them, but who read the actual documents, and, among those who did, how many were swayed to cast their vote based, even partially, on them? The emails were such a low profile issue in the campaign that it seemed over the top (at least to me) when Hillary went to the bother of claiming that they were “faked,” along with most of the news and analysis not coming from the prostituted “mainstream” media that was (and still is) totally in the bag for her. Already she was plotting an attack on freedom of speech and confabulating an excuse and the pretext of a soft coup just in case she lost an election in which she was given a 98% chance of winning by most analysts.

Hillary was over-confident, misjudged Americans, bring on the Russian Hackers thingy

The actions of most politicians, like Hillary, and state governments, like that of Russia, are governed by probabilities. If she didn’t think she’d have an excellent chance of winning, she wouldn’t have run, unless she also thought that a little cheating (as perpetrated against Bernie Sanders) could improve her odds. In fact, I would submit that, in addition to taking actions to hold Sanders back, the Clinton campaign probably did everything in their power to increase the probably that a candidate with the high un-favorability ratings of Trump would be her opponent in the general election. I know that the mainstream media did everything to enhance Trump’s chances during the primaries, always covering his every move and portraying his series of wins to be history in the making. It seemed like they were hand-picking Hillary’s opponent as yet another favor to her. Hillary seemed like a sure thing and Trump seemed like a guy being set up to lose like the Washington Generals do without fail to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Why would Mr. Putin alienate the Future American President by hacking her emails and exposing her faults to the world?

With all those probabilities in mind, what would it gain Putin to risk alienating the anticipated future American president by hacking her emails and putting them on display to the world? Apparently, he’s reaped the downside of such subterfuge without even a shred of evidence that he ordered it, or that any Russian, even a free-lancer, was involved. Or that, as those who suggest that the emails were leaked rather than hacked by a Washington insider (perhaps someone from the NSA, the CIA or the FBI), he received any benefit whatsoever from the release of this information which was mostly ignored or actually used as a cudgel against Trump by Hillary herself. Hillary people most likely leaked the “pussy gate” tapes on Trump, and they didn’t seem to be determinative in the election. Why should Russia expect that they could swing the election to a huge underdog in Trump on the basis of evidence that was already being condemned as “fake” or “ill-gotten goods” by Hillary herself and was largely ignored by the public? Putin is usually very smart, why would he be so reckless for such little in return in this one instance? That would be very un-Putin-like. In fact, it sounds much more Hillary-like, as we’ve already established that she cheated against Bernie in the primaries. I am sure that Putin also realizes that just having damning information against Hillary would in no way give him the power to stuff American ballot boxes or to hack the actual voting machines (even if such were possible) which are not interfaced with the internet. Even internal American political partisans have yet to find a way to hack the machines without setting hands on them. In fact, they rely more on various voter suppression laws–all nice and legal which rarely get overturned by the courts. So, unless Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Republican establishment work for Putin, the Russians did nothing to change the outcome of this election. Nor could they. The idea is risible: this is not Ukraine.

Character Flaw Won’t Let Hillary get past Election Results blames Russian Hackers

Now that the election is history, and a result more shocking than “Dewey defeats Truman” is in the record, Hillary, her blind followers, the establishment elites, the power structures of both political parties and the “mainstream” media are grasping for a mechanism by which to explain her loss, absolve her of political malpractice, and actually reverse the results through the process of a soft coup. You’ve read about their hopes that electors will prove faithless, congress will negate the election, courts will negate the election, Obama will declare martial law, Michael Moore will lead a promised riot and obstruct Trump’s inauguration, and someone will either order a new election or name Hillary the winner. This is all crazy talk, the fantasies of unhinged lunatics, which apparently now encompasses the White House, the congress, the media and several million registered Democrats who still think it’s “her turn” in spite of her hawkish policies which, frankly, scared away millions of liberals and independents who had previously voted for Obama. I am in that latter camp, and we didn’t need Putin to tell us that all out war with Russia over who governs Syria and sundry oblasts in Ukraine was not a fair bargain. We didn’t let Hillary steal the election by purveying Russophobic fear. Let’s not allow her to steal the constitution and the office of the presidency after that fact through this blatant coup attempt. Read your history of how most of Eastern Europe became communist after World War 2. It was not through force of arms, but through rigging or overturning elections. It was all nice and legal, just as they plan to make this coup if we let them.

by Heesa Realist

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