February 25, 2018

American Press Russia Hacking Accusations not believed by World

russia hacking

Russia Hacking Accusation Is the Best Thing to Happen to Russia in Years

by Charles Bausman of the Russian Insider

MOSCOW — Russia has been scoring so many wins over the past weeks and months: routing the US and its ISIS-supporting allies in Syria, Trump winning, Rex Tillerson’s nomination, Brexit, the Italian vote, the leading candidates in the French elections … sometimes one has to pinch oneself when reading the morning news – how could it possibly be going so well after so many tough years?

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes another gift: this remarkable spasm of stupidity from the dark side – the neocon-dominated, big media/security state/rotten politician/axis of evil. By picking up this Russia hacking theme and running with it, they are unwittingly destroying their own carefully constructed web of lies about Russia, which they have so artfully woven over the years, and hoodwinked many Americans and Europeans into believing.

It is a case of pushing the envelope too far. A congenital liar might successfully sell one whopper after another for a while, but what inevitably happens is that this only makes the liar careless. He begins to lose a sense of perspective, partially believing his own feverish imagination, and then, when he’s in a tough spot, he’ll tell such a wild one that even those who were taken in previously, will see through it, and begin to question everything the liar has been saying going way back.

And this is precisely what is occurring around the world, but with a particular vengeance in the US.

Americans who voted for Trump, and many who didn’t, most of whom never really gave much thought to Russia, and if they did, were probably taken in by the mainstream media lie that Russia is an agent for evil in the world, can see perfectly well that it is highly unlikely that the Russians had little or no influence on the election. It is obvious to even a casual observer that what in fact turned the tide was the personality of Hillary Clinton, her missteps, and the rot and corruption of the establishment, including the media, which so doggedly tried to push her through.

The numbers hurt. A Fox news poll from last Wednesday, hardly an organization sympathetic to Russia, reports that 59% of Americans don’t buy the Russia hacking story. Which is another way of saying that they think the accusers are probably lying? Ouch.

Unable to provide any evidence for their extraordinary accusation, the old establishment is looking particularly foolish, leading many Americans to question a lot of what they have been told by the same people over the years.

Meanwhile, the massive pro-Trump media, which is now larger than the old, dying, neocon media, and some big names in the mainstream like Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, are ridiculing this latest belly-flop by the old guard, while the Trumpster himself is pummeling them on Twitter with sarcasm. Hello, brave new world.

The liars have marched into a complete debacle, like Napoleon at Waterloo, soldiering on to their ultimate destruction. And Russia is thanking her lucky stars.

“Russia hacking”  by Charles Bausman of the Russian Insider

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  1. You are being taught to hate Russia by the left. Socialism hates anything or anyone who doesn’t agree with them. We know very little about Russia’s business. BUT we know they are also fighting the New World Order’s globalism. The Globalist are working hard to smear anything the Russians do. I’m open to peace through strength. They would be a powerful ally. Putin has vowed to protect Christians Worldwide. Socialists are easily led because they have no moral values.They hate religion except for Islam, I believe they are hoping Muslims kill all the Christians. Christians are an affront to Socialist because we see them for what they are and they know we will fight them. Delegitimizing Christianity is counter productive. Leftist should be delegitimizing Jihad. Great Article.

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