February 25, 2018

Ex-campaign aides building Trump Superstructure outside White House

Trump Superstructure

Trump Superstructure Promoting President Trump’s Agenda

By Vicki Hand  of the Trump Times

AMERICA, U.S.A. — President-elect Donald Trump is rewriting the rules of the presidency, but he is borrowing a page from his predecessor’s playbook — with allies creating an outside political operation to communicate and generate support for his agenda.”

“It is similar to the model used by Obama,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told FoxNews.com. “There is a lot to be said for having people out there fighting for your agenda.”

Serious talk of forming a group modeled after Organizing for America, the network founded in 2009 by President Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe, was sparked earlier this month after Kellyanne Conway raised the issue on Twitter.

“West Wing welcome mat is out, but we need a superstructure like the one Plouffe built,” she tweeted.

Until she joined the administration as counselor to the president — a move announced Thursday — Conway looked like a front-runner to head up the so-called “Trump superstructure.” But speaking Thursday with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Conway again advocated for the idea, calling the outside network “incredibly important to help the president in pushing through his legislative agenda and his Cabinet nominees, ultimately his Supreme Court nominees.”

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By Vicki Hand  of the Trump Times

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