February 25, 2018

Should we Award a Participation Trophy to Hillary Clinton?

Participation Trophy

What’s wrong with the Participation Trophy, Cupcake Generation?

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

ANYTOWN, U.S.A. — Participation Trophy anyone? Mr. Trump’s vision for the United States includes creating opportunities for men, women, and children of all racial, economic, and educational backgrounds.  Our group represents the voices of our communities. We support Donald Trump and his solutions that address economic disparities, foster job creation, support small businesses, preserve faith & family principles and strengthen communities with conservative action. Now, what’s wrong with this? 

We’ve gotten a glimpse of this group and the picture isn’t pretty. The product of a nationwide, heavy-handed government influenced school system sprinkled with an obsession with social media has given us a generation of reactionary, unthinking and mindless followers of socialism and entitlement. You have to conclude that the once open minded US college university system has been overtaken by a very un-American undercurrent that finally revealed itself. This is social engineering (aka brainwashing) at its finest.

Thin skinned but thick headed, this group has followed the current Administration’s lead on the attack of the 1st Amendment, displaying a penchant to be offended by anything in an effort to stifle free speech and free expression. Political correctness on steroids, it’s apparent this group has lost touch with reality on several levels.

For example, this is the group targeted by Comrade Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. The lure was a whole host of freebies with no cogent explanation of how they would be funded. But it didn’t matter, Bernie’s task was to secure a whole voting bloc to eventually gift to Hillary Clinton when she won the nomination. And make no mistake, this was planned from the beginning. Once defeated, Bernie would be the good Democratic operative and political hack and convince his followers to vote for HRC. Of course, Wikileaks exposed the con for what it was, revealing that Clinton’s campaign considered Bernie a “doofus” (A sentiment shared by all White Hats) and provided proof that the primaries were fixed for Clinton. Yet Bernie, being the good cabal sub-contractor that he is, displayed his submission to the party by not challenging the results and even stumping for the treasonous Democratic Party candidate when full panic set in right before the election.

In addition, this group is the main segment of the US population who will pay the interest on the debt going forward. After turning 26 and being taken off mommy and daddy’s health insurance plan, they will be FORCED to pay exorbitant health insurance premiums to support the entitlement ACA disaster their beloved President forced on the US.  But yet they riot and protest in the streets against the new Administration that will undoubtedly reverse this attack on their economic freedoms in the future. This is proof that the cabal’s control of the pharmaceutical industry has paid dividends with the increased vaccination schedule and the introduction of prescription drugs to our children to correct “behavior” issues while growing up. This group is also the product of the participation trophy, rather than getting recognized for accomplishment and outstanding achievement, they receive hardware for simply being all the same. The result is a generation of dumbed down, paranoid and out of touch group who can’t reason, use common sense or apply critical thinking to the simplest of issues.

Participation Trophy for Play-Doh, hot chocolate, coloring books, doggy time and safe spaces? Really? 

It’s unsettling to contemplate how they would react to a real crisis. We can only hope they grow up, smarten up and realize they’ve been used like a door mat by the cabal. They’re no participation trophies in real life. Stop worshiping entertainers with no morals and shape up. We have decided not to change America to suit your fancy. We will enforce the Constitution and uphold the law. We will extend the same choice to you as we were extended when we were growing up. “America, Love it, or Leave it.” That’s good advice. You should give up your Generational name “Millennials”, sounds so flattering and futuristic. You are the “Cupcake Generation” or maybe the “Entitled generation”. Grow up and lose the socialism thingy, or you are going to make life very harder than it has to be, and then you grow old and die.

Do you think you are the only ones that have been sold the bill of goods you have been sold? Almost all societies on earth have listened to the song of Globalism, some bought it, some rejected it. You are living in America where we fought those who would impose this will on law abiding citizen all over the world. Yes, bad things happen in Wars, and more bad things will happen, but America as misguided as it has been in the past still clings to moral right and wrong.

Most of us are really sad that you have been brainwashed and are happy that many of your generation rejected it. It is unfair to them to give your generation such a bad name. Stop acting like Cupcakes and man up, woman up. Stop wanting a Participation Trophy.

Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

sources: The White Hat Reporters, and National Diversity Coalition For Trump

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