February 25, 2018

Wisconsin Election Recount Day 3 – Real Bad News For Hillary

election recount

Wisconsin Election Recount – Talk about Backfiring

Guest Writer for the Daily Ragg

WISCONSIN, U.S. — In the Wisconsin Day 3 Election Recount Update 18,422 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 15,133 vote net increase for Donald Trump.

Trump won Wisconsin by over 22,000 votes in Wisconsin but thanks to Jill Stein a recount is currently underway.


So far the recount has made little news because, as Heavy reported at the end of day 2 of the recount, the net vote in Wisconsin only changed by 3 votes.


However, the Wisconsin Board of Elections just posted updated recount results for Day 3 on their recount update page and today’s net changes are much more dramatic.

In the Day 3 recount update, Hillary Clinton has a net total loss of 18,422 votes in from the original count in areas that have been recounted so far.

In contrast, Donald Trump has a net total loss of 3,289 votes from the original count in areas that have been recounted so far.

The resulting total difference is a net change of 15,133 votes in favor of Donald Trump after the completion of the 3rd day of the recount.

These are not final results and the recount is still underway. These counts reflect the difference between the votes counted in the election recount verse the votes counted in the original election.

Jill Stein isn’t very smart, in fact, she makes it clear that her doctorate is practically worthless. Are you ladies sure you want a female President if you are sure then let’s get a good one?  Wait 8 years and we’ll give you Ivanka Trump! She would be great. 

Never another hateful socialist in the White House.

“election recount”,  Guest Writer for the Daily Ragg

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