February 25, 2018

Democrats Pointing Fingers – It’s YOUR MESSAGE STUPID!

Democrats Pointing Fingers

Democrats Pointing Fingers

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nancy Pelosi mistakenly thinks the American people didn’t understand their message, That’s why Hillary didn’t win. “Nancy Pelosi is a waste of oxygen”, The American people understood your message just fine. They heard it and soundly rejected it. Now Pelosi is saying the American people really don’t want change. Recently this idiot was reconfirmed to head the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. The Democrats are fools and didn’t learn a thing from the a$$ kicking they just got.

Donald Trump didn’t just squeak by, he destroyed Hillary and everybody that looked like her. It was a Landslide, she was obliterated, Trump crushed her. How embarrassing can it get people? We are watching the collapse of Socialism all over the World, and Mr. Trump will put the lid on it and bury it. [article introduction by editor]

It’s YOUR Message Stupid – Democrats Pointing Fingers

by Amanda Wiley Daily Ragg contributor

Let’s point fingers, pointing fingers has become the new normal in Washington DC. With an excruciating campaign on both sides of the parties and the stooping to new levels of low, just how low can they go? When the CLINTON campaign lost their battle on November

When the CLINTON campaign lost their battle on November 8, 2016, and Donald Trump was announced as the new president-elect of the United States of America you would like to assume that a smooth transition of power would be soon underway. That’s what a majority of American citizens had hoped for but definitely not what we got. The Trump administration has been appointing recruits to serve In our government system just like he should be doing at this point in the process.

What does the America public who’s not employed by politics see happening? This is what I see… and saw. The Clinton camp pointed fingers at Trump when he said he would not agree to accept the outcome of the election until it was over, the Clinton camp and all the Clinton supporters and donors and media publicly ridiculed Trump for that statement. Now where’s that “mirror, mirror, on the wall” ?

The same people who portrayed Donald Trump’s statement as horrifying are the same people crying about the election results when their candidate lost. The Democratic Party has pointed the most fingers during this election process, and have found a way to lay blame on anything and everything they could think about. Seriously, the Clinton campaign and candidate openly targeted the FBI director saying that the reopening the investigation of the private illegal email server was the reason for the momentum to collapse on the Democratic Party.

There would never have been an investigation, to begin with, if Hillary Clinton had not been careless during her time as Secretary of State. They then blamed Wikileaks, saying they cause them to lose the election by publicly releasing emails from Hillary Clintons campaign manager. If those emails showing that information was never created it could have never been shared. Then blamed Bill Clinton because of the charges he encountered during his presidency.

However that honestly didn’t matter, the people who had a bad feeling against Hillary Clinton and her past history of corruption had already made up their mind of who they were voting for long before 11 days before the Election Day. They have successfully blamed everyone except the ones that should have been blamed for their loss.

Democrats Pointing Fingers at everyone but Hillary

They should blame the candidate herself with her history of lies and deception, they should blame the candidate herself for stabbing a knife into Bernie sanders during the primary elections, they should blame Hillary Clinton for accepting debate questions from Donna Brazil which was against the rules, they should blame the candidate herself for setting up the private email server, most certainly they should blame Hillary Clinton because she was the one who let our people get killed in Benghazi and then said “at this point what difference does it make” after Hillary made comments in the past about Donald Trump posting twitter posts online at 3 am I can only ask, where was she at 3 am when the call for help went unanswered by Chris Stephens?

Then the Clinton Democratic Hillary Clinton took it upon herself to call all of America citizens deplorable who was not supporting her, she then said she was wrong to do that and that only half of them were deplorable. Democrats Pointing Fingers.

The Clinton campaign and all the allies rallying for the democratic referred to the trump supporters as violent people, may I ask you who’s supporters are the ones burning down and destroying their own communities because their candidate lost the election?

Who is it that is finding it utterly impossible to accept the results of the election? Whose supporters are receiving play-dough in college to console them and treating them like the children they are? Everything that was said about the average trump supporter by the Clinton campaign and candidate has been completely turned to describe the typical Clinton supporter.

Stop POINTING fingers…  It’s YOUR MESSAGE STUPID! Let them point fingers, but who’s challenging the election results in three states after the election? Who’s crying wolf when they didn’t get their way? Welcome to the world of insane politics my friends!

“Democrats Pointing Fingers”,  by Amanda Wiley Daily Ragg contributor

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