February 25, 2018

Christianity is under attack by Satan Kabal

Christianity is under attack, by Satan.

Christianity under Seige

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

Christianity is under attack by Satan. Top Political figures and anti-Christians are coming out of the closet about their true religion and to whom they owe their spiritual allegiance. Yes, Christianity is under attack by Satan.

The Satanic Temple

You might be acquainted with the association known as The Satanic Temple. They have made their nearness known by requesting similar religious rights and benefits as to Christianity. You may check their crusades to make sinister shading books for dispersion in schools in Florida and Colorado; offers to erect otherworldly “nativity scenes” on government property in Florida, Michigan and Indiana; offering petitions to Satan at a secondary school football game in Seattle; and requesting that a landmark to the Ten Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol be joined by a landmark to Baphomet (a goat-headed symbol connected with witches’ sabbaths).

It is clear to me, as it is with other Christians that God listened to his children crying out and has decided enough is enough and Mr. Trump has wrapped Donald Trump in his feathers and will protect him from the power of Satan and his minions.

Satan steals entire generation of our children

Our Children have had their lives and allegiances changed from Christian morals to Satan’s enticements by antichrist teachers. No prayer in school, no pledge of allegiance. As a result, our young people are permanent protestors against society, with little or no moral values and Flag burning no allegiance to our country. The left knew exactly what they were doing when they changed these elements to weaken our society. Once that was done their education program began. They have ruined an entire generation of Americans, not all of them, but many. They have almost destroyed our economy and have moved us nearer to their goal of a New World Order, the enslavement of our Planet. God said, enough, Mr. Trump is going to change it under God’s direction. Donald is the first of Godly people who will run this country. Satans Democrat Party is in decline just a month after the election and before the Donald even takes the helm. If you are a non-believer, watch closely and see God’s hand guide this once great Nation to greatness again. Greater than ever before.

If Christianity doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you may choose not to participate. If you are insulted by the Christian message, the problem lies with you, not Jesus Christ. Close your ears and eyes and mind your own business. It is our first amendment right to worship in the open, not just in our homes and churches. You are bigoted and you’re suffering from Christ-phobia.

I believe there will be a mass exodus through our southern border as Trump takes office. Some think this is best for everyone involved. Make no Mistake about it. Christian morals built this country, and if you want to blame us for all the bad things done in God’s name we must receive all the credit for the good, like guaranteeing your freedoms, helping people around the world.

Christianity is under attack, by Satan in Hollywood, CA.

Who is behind controlling all the VIPs in Hollywood. Kanaiving to keep some entertainers from appearing at the inauguration? How is this person or persons? We need to find out. Let’s put a name this person.

Satan is powerful, but he is not as powerful as you might think he is. He has no allegiance to you after he uses you for his purpose, You may gain temporarily, but he will move on without you. We all know he loses in the end to God Almighty. If you choose to worship Satan, we are all free moral agents, a gift to you, not even God’s angels have, able to make our own choices.  You may want to contemplate your choice. eternity is a long time. Rejecting God is THE unforgivable sin. Everything else can be forgiven, no matter what you’ve done.

“How to Join Jesus Christ”

“If you’re good you go to heaven, if you’re bad you go to hell.” This is not true! The Bible is clear, It is by grace that you are saved and not thru your works. Works, after you are saved, your works will be recognized by God and you will be rewarded accordingly. So the correct order of works is, Get saved, then do works. Confess your sins then asking Jesus to save you and dedicating yourself to do his will and you will receive the gift of salvation thru Jesus Christ, not Buda, not Mohammad, and not Obama. Jesus said, no man cometh to the father but by me,” Jesus paid for your salvation on the cross, we as Christians are charged with presenting the Gospel message (how to be saved), and we do it out of love. Everyone will be warned and if you reject Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are choosing to work against him and will suffer the consequences, but your blood will not be on our hands.

This is a time of God’s Harvest. To gather is sheep to the fold. Christians spread the word. God almighty will open doors, using Mr. Trump and all devout believers. So all of you who read this, get a bible and check it out. By reading this, I have warned you, your blood is on your own hands, not mine.


“Christianity is under attack, by Satan.”,  Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

sources: Salvation and Survival, the Holy Bible,

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