February 25, 2018

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Americans turn to Alternative Internet News Media while MSM Fake News freaks out!

by Mike Dukes editor in chief Trumpville Report and the Daily Report

The Daily Ragg is a member of the AIN and proud of it.  We are the Underground News, while the Main Stream Media continually lets Americans eager for Real News down. Yes, we are regular people writing and publishing the news the MSM won’t report on. There are plenty of fake news stories on the Internet, but the same is true of MSM. Learn to tell which are real and which are “Click bait”.

How can Alternative Internet News media, (AIN), be called the irresponsible media? Ure there ae some wacky stories out there, but have you read the New York Times or the Washington post? We’ve all been exposed to the so-called “RESPONSIBLE MEDIA” until we are ready to throw up. Talk about FAKE NEWS, the established news outlets are running scared and losing subscribers and viewers because they are failing to report fairly, they just don’t get it. The MSM has left an opening and we are stepping in. MSM has failed miserably to deliver unbiased news to the American people. They have become a tool of socialism and Americans know it. Readers prefer Alternative media by a wide margin. The MSM is shooting themselves in the foot, over and over again, I love it! How long will they hang on before they fail and go bust?

MSM is making stuff up about  AIN, calling us NAZIs” NOPE!

They call AIN irresponsible, but just at it is with all new and developing endeavors we will hone it into shape quicker than they can repair the damage they’ve done to themselves. Many of us are small volunteer operations making only enough money to pay for the expense of site hosting. Facebook and Google seem to be leftists and don’t like us, so they penalize our ability to get the news out and us then never tell us what we did wrong. I hope Mr. Trump can do something about that.

The Alternative Internet Media represents the grassroots of America. We are the grassroots. Get used to it MSM, we are here to stay. Hopefully, we will weed out the mass advertisement websites and the BS stuff. Web sites that are in it for the money are disturbing and generally provide the most provocative articles that we call, “click bait”. They are being exposed and many have already closed shop since the election is over. Good riddance. TrumpvilleReport.com is in it for the long haul. We keep advertisement to a minimum and still make enough money to pay our hosting bill. We do not want to be lumped into the Click bait groups. We are an all volunteer staff and open to writers that want to learn how to work with a real newsroom. Let’s face it, the world is changing. Everyone with a cell phone is now a potential reporter. Many citizens would like to express their opinion and we provide a stage for them to be read in every country in the World that has the Internet.

Alternative News is growing and refining

AIN, Alternative Internet News media provides News for over 50% of all Americans. Every day our Facebook group page gets anywhere from 250 to 500 new members and more that 1,000 new member posts, as more people subscribe to AIN media.

The AIN got onboard for Trump early on. Not because we are so smart, rather we are listening to American Citizens who are seeking better jobs, wanting better schools for their kids, wanting to stop the persecution of Christians and the mocking of our faith. There’s a ton more. We don’t  believe Donald is just spewing  rhetoric, we believe he will build the wall and drain the swamp. If you want to call us your enemy because of what we believe, then SO BE IT. Real Americans are awake now and we want our laws enforced and to help usher in a time of prosperity for all who want to work.

Want to get in on the Report or the Daily Ragg?

If you are interested in writing political articles that will be presented to millions of potential viewers please see our ” Tips on writing political news stories”, here on the site. Follow these 7 Tips for a Political Writer, for more interesting stories. We are always looking for articles written by our grassroots friends and by professional witters as well.

Here at TrumpvilleReport.com we agree with the Trump Supporters about America, its future, and in the direction, Trump is going. We are unselfish and want prosperity, and safety for everyone. We also want everyone to be responsible law-abiding citizens. We want our borders protected and the Swamp in Washington drained. I think all Mosques should be closed and do not believe Islam is an actual religion. I believe it is a death cult that has nothing to do with God, but people have every right to believe what they will. But when their beliefs clash with our Constitution then they have to go, back to their third world existence, or where ever and clean up their own country. 

We are not the Bigots, Facebook already has that job

We don’t hate Blacks and Mexican American, we do hate what the present administration is doing to them and their chances at the American Dream. We want limited legal Immigration, as our present laws now provide for We are not the bigots here, we don’t want war, we want our voice heard and that is happening. Facebook is reporting so many posts for removal. They recently reported one from Vice President-Elect Mike Pence wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Why? Are they doing this to waste our time and cause us to stop doing what we are doing in order to weed out Fake News? When I come in, each morning I find between 300 and 800 posts to review.w00 to 00 new member requests, and now up to 800 new posts to review. How do you spell Overwhelmed? After that, I can edit new articles and schedule them of posting.

Read articles before you share them. “Don’t share Click bait, all Title, no Story” 

The left depends on many people sharing a story before they read it. Headlines sounds good so you hit the share button. We are deleting members who share obviously false stories, so if yours disappears, it’s your own fault. Our mission is to report the news as it pertains to Mr. Trump and that’s it. Want to post pictures of puppies and ponies, get over it before you graduate college, please.

Our staff is dedicated to Making America Great Again and we intend to go into that no-bias mode directly after the inauguration.

Don’t just blame Conservatives for all the BS stories in Alternative Media. The left writes them too. We try to weed out their posts and have been more successful than most in doing so.

managing editor:  I am a Christian Patriot, I will fight for our freedoms to worship our God as we please using the Holy Bible as our guide. If you don’t agree for any reason, then keep your opinions to yourself. Who asked you? To those who continually speak out against our God, YOU are the bigots and since were are of the Christian persuasion, that makes you a RACISTS also.  Displaying your open hatred prove you are the Bigot, not us. We have a perfect right to state what we believe in, same as you. The left seems threatened by Christianity, as well they should be, should they try and destroy us. We can be your best friend or your worst enemy, you choose.

Rant Over

Forgive me. if I rant, but for eight long years, I, along with many of you, have suffered under Obama’s corrupt administration and his attempt at Globalism. It will come to an end on Inauguration Day and so will my unintended bitterness. Thank God for his gracious mercy and for the miracles I have personally witnessed. To God be the credit in this election. God has not given up on America, now let’s spread his word and do his work. Amen, brothers and sisters.

We are once again and for all, a Christian nation. Now let’s concentrate on making America Great Again. If you are new to the Internet try Alternative Internet News and get it first and on any device. News on your phones, pads, and computers when you are ready for it.

by Mike Dukes editor in chief Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg