February 25, 2018

2 Americas, Hillary’s Vision Rejected

2 Americas Hillary Clinton Lost, Get Over It!

2 Americas

2 Americas Hillary Clinton Lost, Get Over It!

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

The Election is Over

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Nov. 8th, 2016 America choose a direction for America and rejected another. After eight years of Barack Obama, Christians arose in mass to defeat Social ideas and won. Americans heard both visions and made their decisions.

Both paths were vetted. Mr. Trump was criticized continually and second guessed by the American MSM press. Misquoted and vilified every day. Called names many didn’t think he deserved. In all fairness, Mr. Trump brought many of Mrs. Clinton’s problems to the forefront, but he stayed on his message and succeeded in getting his agenda out to the American people.

Hillary Clinton got a pass from the press and did not vet her positions hoping no one would notice her past or present problems. The DNC collaborated with the MSM to destroy Mr. Trump’s credibility. The Alternative Internet News continually vetted Mrs. Clinton to the dismay of many in the Socialist movement. Hillary spent most of her allotted speech time not on her agenda, but mostly ridiculing Mr. Trump and his positions. One reason the left is so upset and out spending money to cause riots and unrest. On the other side of the coin, many leftists are threatening to leave the US. Why do they threaten, this is just like a child stamping his foot and saying NO, I’m going to run away? Why don’t they just write us a letter after they set up house in another country? After all, actions speak louder than words!

2 Americas, 2 Visions for America

Donald Trump Position

One America that includes a nation where free speech and religious liberty are constitutionally protected, both bedrock principles.

Hillary Clinton Position

The other America continues along a path where such principles would be eased out to be replaced by the current sexual revolution.

Donald Trump Position

One America proposes to use our Military as a fighting force to keep America safe and the world safe from evil empires.

Hillary Clinton Position

The other America would continue using the armed forces as a social experimentation lab, where the LGBT agenda takes president over troop readiness and morale, and where placing women in ground combat roles supersedes obvious gender differences.

Donald Trump Position

One American vision wanted  a Federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, that interprets the Constitution as an enduring document for out nation, with timeless principles for civil government.

Hillary Clinton Position

The other American vision would appoint liberal judges to federal courts who believe the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” that bends with the times and with evolving moral standards.

Supreme Court

President-Elect Trump will now have the opportunity to replace aging, retiring Supreme Court Justices to abide by and protect the Constitution. This will change America for the next generation and possibly longer.

No more activists judges in a lawmaking role instead of acting as umpires of the Constitution–the stakes for religious freedom and limited government are monumental.

Modern day Miracle

Christians everywhere were able to witness a true modern day miracle during this election. We watched Donald J. Trump, stumble, yet rise again, over and over. Many Christians believe God’s hand was upon “the Donald”. I watched a prophecy predicting the Trump win and many things that would happen after he was elected. So far it was right on. There are more predictions to come. This Video is about an hour long, but it is well done and true. If you would like to watch it click here.

In 2 Americas, Liberals can’t handle the loss

The left stole the educational value from our school children in trying to make students see the world the way they do. Where a Godless nation is a good nation, and selfishness rules the day. Where killing unborns is acceptable, because they are having a sexual revolution. Men and women are pitted against each other by the feminist movement, whose goal seems to be to destroy the happiness of traditional marriage…

How could we then expect the Millennials to act any different that are acting now? Scared to death and have no hope, when they should be rejoicing over the opportunities they will receive. They have always received a trophy or a high-five for whatever little thing they did. No matter how insignificant. They don’t know how to handle disappointment. Thanks, Liberal teachers. Get another profession, please.

We conservatives didn’t like it when Obama won his last term, but we didn’t cry, pitch a fit and riot. We didn’t like many things he did and couldn’t wait till he was gone, and rolled our eyes when Obama said, “that’s not who Americans are” . We took our medicine and Liberals will take theirs now.

Do you remember when Obama spoke to congress and the congressman yelled, “Liar”? Liberals were so outraged. Obama also said he didn’t want to hear from the people who got us in this mess, to begin with. Now Democrats are talking big about how they will slow down the Cabinet Confirmation hearing to delay Government from getting to work. I think they are misjudging just how little they can accomplish. But still, we invite you, not beg you, to join us and work to help make America Great Again or get out of our way.  I hope you will join us. Stop being so afraid of Mr. Trump, you were being lied to about him, now buck up.

It’s time to MOVEON.org as the left says, will they practice what they preach? eh? Joe Biden really is that the best you can come up with. Assurance of another 4 years for Mr. Turmp!

2 Americas“,  by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report and the Daily Ragg

source: Decision Magazine 2016 Election Speical, Billy Graham

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